Is security getting lax at Citizens Bank Park? There’s no bag check and people aren’t being stopped individually anymore:

Looks like it’ll be easier to sneak those Busch Lights in your waistband on Opening Day while the Phillies go back to the old school methods of pat downs and half-ass wanding:

Or maybe not, via Shamus Clancy at PhillyVoice:

New fan screen process: quicker entry into the ballpark! Fans will now be able to walk right through the entrance gates without having to stop to open bags or be checked individually as they enter the ballpark. This new feature is thanks to Evolve Technology, which will be partnering with the Phillies to use a powerful technology with artificial intelligence to provide safer, more accurate threat detection at unprecedented volume and speed.

Turns out it’s getting even harder! ChatGPT is a going to snitch on your girlfriend for having a Coors Light in her purse. You try to sneak a nip of Jack into the game you’re going to be neutralized by RoboCop before you even have a chance to smell the grass. I need someone to test out these new security measures and report back. Beers start at $16 dollars. In this economy?