Take a look at this:

So after that snake Michael Pina decided to vote Nikola Jokic for MVP, we thought the fix was in. It seemed like the 47 MVP voters from THE RINGER were going to screw Embiid again. However, Ringer ringleader Bill Simmons AND Ryen Russillo decided to vote Joel Most Valuable Player, which is a good barometer for how this thing could play out. If the overrepresented and shameless Boston media (Daryl Morey’s words, not ours) is coming around on Joel, then the only thing that can stand in the way is a concerted effort from Tencent and the rest of the fake news crew. Kevin Pelton and Kendrick Perkins and Jalen Rose are temporarily on the shit list.

It also should not be lost on anybody that Ric Bucher is voting Embiid for MVP following his amazing tweet from years ago: