From Jeff McLane via the Inky:

Jalen Carter may be the Eagles’ consensus top prospect in this year’s NFL draft, as team sources indicated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Georgia defensive tackle is No. 1 on their board.

That honor has likely been bestowed upon Alabama outside linebacker Will Anderson, who has essentially a clean record in terms of his character. But Carter, despite recent charges for reckless driving and racing and other off-field concerns, remains very much in the picture if attainable in tonight’s first round.

The Eagles, after conducting an extensive investigation into Carter and his background, still have him ranked very high on their board, sources told The Inquirer, and there’s a belief within the NovaCare Complex that if he drops past No. 6, general manager Howie Roseman will attempt to move up from No. 10.

Howard Eskin might survive another day. It looks like the Eagles will try to trade up for Jalen Carter or Will Anderson if there is a run on QBs in the top-5. Right now at Draftkings Carter is -300 to go in the top-5. Seattle has been a team linked to him at #5, and he definitely won’t get past the Bears at #9. McLane also reported some teams have red flagged his scouting report due to off the field issues. If he somehow gets to #10 the Eagles are definitely taking him:

I understand Eagles fans might have some apprehension because of that and the fact he showed up overweight to his pro day. But we have something that no one else has. Our very own Ray Donovan:

If you think Big Dom hasn’t been in Athens on some super secret covert ops mission uncovering every thing he can about Jalen Carter for Howie Roseman you don’t know Big Dom’s day job. He’s eaten in every Waffle House from Georgia to Florida talking to everyone who has even said hi to Jalen Carter. His job is to uncover everything he can about prospects and he’s the cream of the crop. Howie wouldn’t even have him on the board unless Big Dom signed off on it first.