When Rhys Hoskins underwent surgery to repair his torn left ACL, the Phillies said he will be out for 7-9 months.

Hoskins doesn’t like that timetable.

“I think every athlete’s mindset is to beat whatever the doctor says,” Hoskins said Monday. “So, I’m going to continue with that. We also have a guy here that, you know, had a similar injury and was able to contribute in the World Series (that year).”

He was referring to Kyle Schwarber, of course, who returned from his knee injury in 2016 after six months and one week, just in time to have a monster World Series and help the Chicago Cubs end 108 years of championship frustration.

“So, I’m going to hold on to that,” Hoskins said. “I’m going to do everything in my power to give myself an opportunity that if and when we are playing in October, I have a chance to contribute to that.”

That time is still a long way off. For now, Hoskins, who is 10 days post-surgery, is still on crutches. He will be for about another month. From there it’ll be lots of rehab, including strengthening the quadriceps muscle to support the knee.

And then, sometime around Independence Day, Hoskins expects to start jogging. He said that’s the next milestone he’s looking forward to reaching.

Until then, he said he plans to be around the Phillies clubhouse as much as possible.

“I’ll pour myself into this team just like I always have,” Hoskins said. “It’s a special team here. It’s a special group of guys. I think we really have a chance to do something special… I’m more excited and hopeful that I’ll get to chase what we got to chase last October.”

While to many it could seem to be a pipe dream that Hoskins can get back for October baseball, he’s not alone in that belief. Asked if he thinks it’s possible for Hoskins to make it back in time, manager Rob Thomson said, “Yes, I think it’s possible.”

All the Phillies have to do is get there and give the Big Fella a chance to write another chapter to his Phillies career.