This is the greatest thing Milwaukee has contributed to this country since the Harley Davidson. Adam McCalvy at is reporting the Brewers are extending last call to the eighth inning after testing it all weekend:

For the first time in memory, the Brewers are permitting fans to buy a cold one beyond the end of the seventh inning.

President of business operations Rick Schlesinger confirmed that the Brewers — on an experimental basis — are extending alcohol sales at American Family Field through the end of the eighth inning. The amended policy was implemented for the final two games of the team’s home-opening sweep of the Mets, and Schlesinger said there were no reported problems.

We need the Phils to extend last call by the next homestand. I was talking about this during Spring Training and advocated for the entire game:


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This, plus a consistent surplus of beer bats in the stadium, would make CBP the place to be this summer! You’re going to have your detractors who think a bunch of mongrels will drive drunk and I’ll let you in on a little secret – mongrels are going to drive drunk whether it’s cut off in the seventh or ninth inning. You’ve got Xfinity Live right next to the stadium. Hell, people drink beers while they wait for the traffic to die down. But a ton of them take Ubers or the subway to games still. Don’t they deserve a reward for being conscientious? Plus, think of the hardworking bartenders and beer vendors that are on their feet all day who had their tips slashed because of the pitch clock. This is a win-win for everyone.