Chaotic last couple of minutes in Eagles and Matt Patricia land. The Mad Scientist looks to be coming to Philly:

Tim McManus spotted a little blurb on the Eagles website about Matt Patricia being named the new Sr. defensive assistant:

It was taken taken down almost immediately:

The site intern at NovaCare will now be executed and sacrificed to the football gods for Jalen Hurts’ long term health.

The reason this is news is because Darius Slay absolutely HATES Matt Patricia via Michael Rothstein at ESPN:

The incident that bothered Slay more, he said, happened later during a team meeting after a training camp practice that led them to “never see eye-to-eye” from then on. A player whom Slay declined to name caught a couple of passes on him.

After practice, Slay posted a picture on social media about him and the receiver. At the start of the meeting later that night, Patricia used the social media photo at the start of the meeting along with a small highlight tape of said player on the board before addressing Slay.

Slay, 29, said Patricia put the picture on the team board, with Patricia essentially telling him to stop kissing up to another player, although the coach used a more profane analogy.

“Yeah. Right there, after that, that’s when all my respect went out the door for him. As a man,” Slay said.

But it looks like they will coexist. Maybe it’s water under the bridge from almost five years ago. I mean we’ve been through an entire pandemic since Slay was traded. Back then AI was only being used for funny Snapchat filters. People hate people they work with every single day. Doesn’t mean you don’t still make your sales quota. Slay even acknowledged it a little during his exchange with Charles Woodson when the rumors about Patricia first started popping up: