This was yesterday’s Dollar Dog Night line 20 minutes before the game:

People jumped in the comments left and right to share their experiences:



How do Aramark and the Phillies sleep at night? Were they not expecting people to show up for a World Series contending team? You would think maybe after the first DDN had the same problems they would at least give a half-assed effort to speed up the lines. Nope.

Now, I know a lot of people have their “hacks”. Some go to Bull’s BBQ or know other stands that typically have shorter lines while others head up to the 300 level where there is presumed to be less people. My preferred method, which I only learned last year, is bring cash. Buy from the vendors on the concourse in the yellow shirts. The 100 level by the Harry Kalas statue is my go to spot. They bring out 60 dogs. Sell them all right away. Walk to the back to replenish and someone else comes out with 60 more. It’s like a conveyor belt of processed meat. Henry Ford would shed a tear if he saw it.

Still, Aramark and the Phillies have to figure it out. Parents can’t drag their children all over the ballpark to find dollar dogs. You shouldn’t have to go to the 300 level if you’re in the 100 level seats and vice-a-versa just so you can sit down and watch three innings of baseball. That would be like missing half the movie because you were waiting in line to get popcorn.

I haven’t been to a DDN yet this year, but supposedly the wait is due to the concession stands refusing to take cash. So instead of a five second transaction you’re turning it into 15 seconds while you put your card in, navigate the tip screen, and wait for it to process. I know cash is taboo now, but waiving that rule for only DDNs would be the solution. They limit four dogs per transaction. I’m sure most Phillies fans wouldn’t mind giving the cashier a $5 bill a moving right along. Now your workers are making tips. Everybody wins!

More vendors. More cash. Less wait time so we can enjoy the game. The Phils are 0-2 on DDN this year. Probably because they look out into the crowd and see no one there supporting them because they’re all in line trying to get some cheap meat.