Andrew Brandt told a story on yesterday’s episode of Crossing Broadcast about Dan Snyder that I couldn’t believe was true:


The most Dan Snyder story ever… #commanders #eagles #flyeaglesfly #gobirds #washingtoncommanders #commies #nfl #dansnyder #fyp #philly

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Dan Snyder is an alpha and he alpha’d Andrew Brandt’s buddy unfortunately. You know Andrew’s buddy couldn’t stop thinking about that moment the whole ride home. He probably got into bed that night with his wife and she asked him what was wrong because she knew something was off about him. Plain and simple. He got alpha’d. It happens to the best of us.

I can’t believe Dan Snyder is actually selling this team. It’s his entire identity and why he can get away with all the bullshit he does. You can make people call you Mr. Snyder when you’re one of 32 guys in the world to own a football team. You can’t do that when you’re just any regular billionaire with a small man’s complex and probably a low form of ED.

Here’s the full show yesterday with Andrew. It was awesome. We talked about the Jalen Hurts contract, how Schefty might’ve fucked the cap numbers up, and him getting fired by Ricky Williams for Master P before the draft in 1999. Give it a listen and kill an hour while you’re waiting to clock out for the weekend: