Trivia for your local quizzo night in the future. Well, I guess, if your local quizzo is at a Barnabys:

What Delco pizza joint was the delivery guy from during Tucker Carlson’s last segment ever at Fox News? 

Here’s our pizza delivery hero saving the day in case you forgot:

Amazing. I love to see small businesses like Cocco’s get as much publicity as possible. They’re going to be the first pizza joint that a bunch of far right-wing nutjobs don’t storm to ask about their basement.

Tyler calling out Tucker’s order was perfect. That’s just good ‘ol Delco authenticity flowing through him, baby. Invite me as a guest on your show? I’m still going to tell you what I think of your order. Listen, I don’t care about what you put on your pizza.  Just like I don’t care if your favorite cheesesteak place is Pat’s or Geno’s. Cheesesteak discourse is dumb. Get whatever you like. But pineapple and sausage together just defy everything we know about tastebuds and DNA. Is this why Fox News parted ways with him?

How jacked up do you think Tyler’s dad was to meet Tucker? It has to go like Ron Jaworski, The Pope, Tucker Carlson in that order for Delco Dads: