Here’s a breakdown of Joel Embiid’s knee injury from Jesse Morse at Fantasy Doctors on Twitter:

Listen I’m sure Jesse does great work in his practice, but I have a hard time taking the medical advice of doctors who make content. First, they’re not in the locker room. They aren’t privy to the MRI results. Morse is just speculating. Second, they’re in content. Jesse’s job right now is to get eyeballs on his $9.99 NFL Rookie Injury Draft Guide he’s hawking at the moment on Twitter. Is this dude going to get more views saying Joel Embiid’s knee is fine and he’ll be ready by Game 1 or is he going to get more views talking about Embiid suffering another tear in his knee during the playoffs? I’m a little skeptical. I’ve never heard of this guy and now I’m writing about him so he did his job.

It’s like that Dr. David Chao guy on Twitter. The old Chargers doctor who makes his bones talking about NFL player’s injuries on Twitter and YouTube. That dude’s committed more malpractice than Dr. Nick and people use him as the source of hope whenever their favorite player goes down.

Honestly, I could see Doc Rivers using the media as some sort of strategic play when discussing the severity of Embiid’s MRI. Shams is reporting there is optimism for Embiid to play Game 1:

We’ll see if Jesse is right if it is a slight meniscus tear and if he is I’ll say hand up I was wrong. Maybe I’ll even buy his injury draft guide as a peace offering.