Let’s get it back to the WNBA:

Good for Siegrist, who was the best local collegiate player this season. Notice the use of the word “local” to avoid the “is Villanova a Philly school?” trap.

But yeah, she was a scoring machine this season. Fantastic player, easily the best story to come out of the Philly hoops scene since the men’s side really underwhelmed and not a single squad went to the NCAA Tournament. The Villanova women were a #4 seed and ripped off two wins before losing to Miami in the third round.

RE: the nugget in that tweet above, yes, Siegrist is the highest-drafted Villanova player of all time. Going back to triple check, the next five on the list are:

  • Randy Foye: #7, 2006
  • Tim Thomas: #7, 1997
  • Kerry Kittles: #8, 1996
  • Jim Washington: #6, 1965
  • Paul Arizin #3, 1950*

I think there’s a technicality with the Arizin thing since the draft was totally different 73 years ago, so need a historian up in here to explain that to us.

Beyond those five, of course you’ve got Mikal Bridges at #10, and then Kyle Lowry, Donte DiVincenzo, and plenty of other recent 1st and 2nd rounders, but no one else in the top 10.