Yesterday GQ put together a list of the King’s of New York sports right now. So we each made our Top-10 list for Philly athletes on yesterday’s episode of Crossing Broadcast:

Lets get the parameters straight before people confuse it. This isn’t a list about who has had the best career. It’s a list of who is the king of Philly sports. Someone you would see walking on the street and all of a sudden break out in a cold sweat because you’re so nervous to even be in their presence. A guy that if you saw in the club would make you feel like you were at the coolest place in the city at that moment. An athlete that moves the needle.

We explained the lists on the stream, but I’ll break down mine a little further since this is my blog. Bryce Harper is my king right now. That dude had the city by the balls last fall in the middle of an undefeated Eagles season. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve based this list around how people interact with the blogs we write and social posts about him. He’s like a cheat code for impressions right now. I’m comfortable with Jalen Hurts number two and Joel Embiid number three. Kelce at four is good too. The fact an offensive lineman is that high is a testament to how beloved he is. Trea Turner got a lot of disrespect from the other two, but once he gets hot people will be all over him. AJ Brown and Tyrese Maxey can be swapped and you wouldn’t hear a peep from me. Jimmy Butler just dominated the Philly headlines all day yesterday. Still a King of Philly sports. It’s my list so beat it. Finally, I can’t believe I got flak for BBall Paul. BBall Paul is the hottest thing on the Sixers right now. He’s killing it on the court and building a business off it with his Out the Mud hoodies. Did BBall Paul chants just not rain from the Wells Fargo Center crowd last week? King shit.

I think we overlooked Slay if we’re being honest and if he was still here CJGJ would be on this list. Those guys move the needle for better or worse. Carter Hart can get the fuck out of my face. That guy has the personality of a pool noodle. I honestly probably could’ve stuck Bijan Robinson on this list and no one would’ve batted an eye due to the fact sports radio has dedicated more programming to him the last couple of weeks then they have the Flyers in the last five years.