You know Dunphy. He’s the diehard Philly fan with the most recognizable tattoos in the city. You’ve probably seen him at a tailgate or in the Linc, but you’ve definitely seen him on TV. The gameday cameras love him.

Well it turns out he was kicked out of the Phillies/Yankees game on Monday because he started an Eagles chant and took his shirt off:

First things first. You can’t throw out Dunphy for taking his shirt off. That’s his thing. You don’t put a cover on a Maserati. Second, from accounts I read via Drew Smith at The Liberty Line, who was there, this was overkill by the NYPD:

Dunphy had the entire section behind left field chanting “E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES” inside Yankee Stadium, which was pretty cool to see. He then removed his shirt and moments later, security and NYPD surrounded him and told him to exit the stadium. 

That of course, didn’t even matter at the time because the Phillies were getting destroyed, but it was complete bullshit as Dunphy mentioned above. The left field section was loud for sure but it was completely innocent. No one was even acknowledging Yankees fans. It was just a bunch of “Phans of Philly” (see what I did there?) cheering for their city.

The Phillies were down 8-1. Seven buses came up from Philly. The section was a majority of Phillies fans. Yankees fans didn’t seem bothered. Let the boys do an E-A-G-L-E-S chant. What’s the point of escorting the dude out swarmed by eight cops? It must be a Yankee security thing because they’re having a hell of a season batting 1.000 on the year when it comes to kicking out fans from other teams. Look at how far in Yankees fan’s heads this Red Sox fan was on Opening Day:

It’s sad what New Yankee Stadium has turned the Bronx into. There used to be a certain aura about the place. It used to be a stadium people feared wearing another team’s logo in. 15 years ago no Red Sox fan would’ve pulled this stunt. Yankees fans would’ve ripped this guy limb from limb and shipped his body back to Fenway Park as a warning for any other Massholes that were thinking about pulling this stunt. Now this new crop of Yankees fans are eating fucking shrimp at the ballpark: