Giannis is being praised for this answer he gave to reporters last night about there being “no failure in sports”. People are falling over themselves on Twitter while lining up to suck his dick and call him a role model:

Here’s the thing: Giannis can only get away with this because he has a ring. If Kevin Durant wears a size 13 shoe Giannis doesn’t sniff the NBA Finals in 2021 and James Harden, Durant, and Kyrie Irving go down as legends in Brooklyn. Maybe they’re still torturing the East with multiple titles now.

Imagine if Joel Embiid came to the podium and gave this exact quote after shooting 10-23 from the free throw line, blowing a double-digit lead, and not suiting up for the only game your team won vs. an eighth seed. I know no one in Philadelphia would want to hear this.

This is a great test case of failure and expectations in sports. Were the Eagles and Phillies season a failure because they came in second? No. Nobody in Philadelphia expected them to be in the Super Bowl or World Series. Now if the Phils and Eagles miss the playoffs this year is that season a failure? Absolutely. You might not always win, but I’m not looking back at 2023 with fond memories when a baseball team with a $235 million payroll misses October.

Losing to the eighth seed when you’re the best team in basketball and expectations are a championship is a failure. But Giannis can get away with this and be championed as the “some things are bigger than sports” guy because he has a ring.