NFL news:

Blah blah blah, now the Niners can stop whining about not having any quarterbacks remaining on the roster. This doesn’t change anything, though. Haason Reddick and the Eagles will just have to knock three QBs out of the game instead of two. Maybe Kyle Shanahan will think twice about having a tight end block a premier defensive end this season.

The new rule basically allows you to use a gameday roster spot on the emergency third QB, but they can only enter the game if the other two are injured, or if they’ve been disqualified. So in the case of the NFC Championship Game, the Niners would have been able to bring in some scrub to get his instead of putting a one-armed Brock Purdy back on the field.

And practice squad callups don’t count, as explained here in the full thing:

Interestingly enough, this was a Detroit proposal and not a San Francisco proposal. The Niners got burned most recently by it though, so we’ll call it “The Haason Reddick Rule.”