Pagan mentioned this video clip in an earlier story, but it’s worth spinning out into a separate post. I can’t get enough of these two jokers LAUGHING about James Harden before he went out and dropped 45 points on the Celtics:

Right, so it’s Max Kellerman, Nick Friedell, and Monica McNutt (no relation to legendary Eagles receiver Marvin). She was flippant on this segment, but not as bad as Friedell, who was straight-up guffawing like one of the kids in my daughter’s pre-k classroom. I’ll give McNutt a pass since she actually played basketball in college and therefore has some credibility, but would it be wrong to say that the laughing feels unprofessional? It’s ESPN, not some blog that does Jalen Carter “big dick” posts.

Dunno. Sport is supposed to be fun, and media people oftentimes take themselves too seriously, so if you wanna have a take, have a take. It’s all entertainment these days, and Stephen A gets up on the desk every morning and does some mix of an acting and regaling job, but something about the Friedell laugh is especially annoying.

He tweeted this later:

Hmm, well it feels like we’re moving the goal posts now. I guess I’d have to go back and find the full segment to see if they were talking about game one specifically, or Harden carrying the Sixers offensively throughout the entire series. Feels like a double down, and not the KFC sandwich kind.

Regardless, after this bad take and the ridiculous laughing, Friedell must eat one heaping pile of shit. And if the Sixers go on to win the series, he will have to eat three more piles of shit. That’s four shit piles total, one for each win, as penance for this transgression.

(by the way, we always knew Max Kellerman was a real one) –