Ben Simmons is such a fucking dork for posting the Sixers losing by 30 on his Instagram story:

Such a bitter ex. Just lying in the weeds patiently waiting for his time to strike. He’s used to doing nothing in the 4th quarter anyway. Honestly surprised he didn’t throw his back out posting this. The only bigger loser than the entire Sixers franchise is a guy stealing $40 million a year. Because even as bad as James Harden was on Sunday, you still make that trade 10 out of 10 times, and that’s saying something. Also, center your TV dummy. I’m getting tightness in my neck just staring at this picture.

I love that he put an unopened bottle of water next to the glass of wine thinking people wouldn’t jump in his DMs to criticize him for drinking on the couch while watching the team who crushed his play in the next round. Even when he thinks he’s posting a flex he remains a dolt.

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