WVU head basketball coach Bob Huggins might be done after saying this on live radio (fast forward to about 1:15 if you don’t wanna listen to the whole thing) –

Incredible lol. Huggins just pulled an amazing group of players through the transfer portal, and now he’s in big trouble for saying “Catholic f@**” on the radio. 25 years ago you would have heard the term about 400 times a day throughout various high school classes, but in 2023 the word gets you cancelled. I’d be shocked if he survives this.

Here’s a statement from both Huggs and WV:

I’ve wanted Huggins gone for years, just because we’ve reached the ceiling with him. His best tournament performance came in 2010, when the best player on the team was a John Beilein recruit. FACTS. If this is what it takes to get Huggs out, then so be it. The University hasn’t made a decision yet, but the story blew up (obviously) and so they’re under pressure to act.