Let’s get it back to baseball with a fugazi note that flew under the radar while the Sixers were busy choking:

You may recall that the Phillies allowed the dopey leader of this Mets fan group to throw out the first pitch at Citizens Bank Park last August. The reason he was given this perk is because the group bought up an entire section, something like 1,500 tickets to the game.

Here’s the language on the Community/Corporate Partnership page at the Phillies website:

The Phillies Community/Corporate Partnership Program provides communities, businesses, little leagues, church groups, schools, and all organizations with the opportunity to enjoy a game at Citizens Bank Park and receive fantastic amenities when your group sells 500 or more tickets!

Highlights include:

  • Exclusive ticket discounts (call the Phillies for more details)
  • First Pitch Ceremony (based on availability)
  • Pre-game Tour for four people
  • Four Complimentary Field Level seats
  • Scoreboard recognition before and during the game
  • Opportunity to show a one-minute pre-game video on PhanaVision (based on availability and approval)

How is there not a caveat disqualifying fan groups from rival teams? They let a guy throw out the first pitch last year who thinks the Phillies are “scum” and thinks Philadelphia is a “shit city” –

Barring these doofuses from wearing Mets attire doesn’t change anything. The optics are a joke, total bush league vibes, like something the Arizona Coyotes would do. You’re the Philadelphia Phillies. You shouldn’t be letting a Mets fan throw out the first pitch. Imagine if the Eagles let some Cowboys fan like Scooter Magruder flip the coin, or the Flyers brought in Sidney Crosby to drop the puck, or the Sixers invited Anna Horford to ring the bell.

Is anybody paying attention down there? A Mets fan throwing out the first pitch two years in a row? Hello? HELLO?