Chickie’s and Pete’s is continuing the tradition of paying the toll for people heading down the shore for Memorial Day Weekend via Michael Klein at the Inky:

In what has become a rite of Memorial Day weekend, Chickie’s & Pete’s will pay the Atlantic City Expressway tolls for motorists headed east through the Egg Harbor Toll Plaza between 5 and 6 p.m. Friday.

Love this move from Chickie’s and Pete’s. Get some good pub while holding it during the peak of traffic as people crawl the AC Expressway. How many cars are going to get through in that hour? 500? Maybe 600? I need to see these numbers. The toll is $4.55 this year. That’s like $2700 altogether. The equivalent to 210 orders of crab fries at a Phillies game. Shout out to Chickie’s and Pete’s. Great businessmen. Pussy dishwashers:


Speaking of crab fries they’re giving away a free batch at Frank S. Farley Plaza from 12pm – 5pm:

That afternoon from noon to 5 p.m., the sports-bar chain will also host a party at the Farley Service Plaza in Hammonton with free Crabfries and other food and beverages from Hershey’s Ice Cream, Mars, Carlo’s Bakery, Applegreen, and Monster Energy Drink; a demo by the New Jersey State Police Dog Search and Rescue Team; and a display of fire and rescue equipment from Atlantic City International Airport.

I love Frank S. Farley. That plaza has saved more road trips than a nav system. You need to get some gas or stop and take a piss Farley has always been there for you. It’s a perfect middle point to the shore.

Also, Farley himself was an absolute badass. He still influences your life today and you don’t even know it. He took over when Nucky Thompson went to jail. He was a senator that had more power than the actual governor. Nothing got done without his approval first. He started legal gaming in AC, was the reason Stockton University was built, created the Garden State Parkway, and hand delivered New Jersey to Presidents during the election. So the next time you’re getting a Whopper know you’re doing it in the rest stop dedicated to the most powerful New Jerseyan of the 20th century.