DeAndre Hopkins, a Guy Who Would Love to Play With Jalen Hurts, Was Just Released By the Cardinals

Photo Credit: Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s 1:30pm, but on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend this is considered a Friday News Dump. Adam Schefter reports the Cardinals have released DeAndre Hopkins:


Hopkins has already mentioned which QBs he wants to throw him the ball in the second half of his career on I AM ATHLETE podcast this week. Including Jalen Hurts:

The best part about this clip isn’t even the fact he wants to play with Jalen Hurts. The best part was that he totally ignored Brandon Marshall when he said Dak! No one wants to play with that bum when he doesn’t even know the color of his own team’s jersey.

Of the quarterbacks he listed the Eagles have the most cap space left according to Over The Cap. The Ravens already gave OBJ $15 million while the Chiefs and Bills can’t afford him. The Chargers are right underneath the Birds at $12+ mil. Not to mention this is what Hopkins wants in his next team:

Check. Check. And Check.

Poor Howie is going to have to leave the beach at some point this weekend and go make a deal.

Don’t blink. #HowieSzn is fast approaching:


P.S. Howie definitely made a deal with Jonathan Gannon that he wouldn’t throw him under the bus to Mike Florio this week if the Cardinals release DeAndre Hopkins. No doubt about it. And they said #QGannon was a failure.