Taylor Swift is in town this weekend for the “Eras” tour, so naturally people think there’s an opportunity for her to come to the Sixers game and ring the bell and/or sing the national anthem.

We’ve got resident scribe Ernest Owens saying this:

That picture is 21 years old. I can see the late Phil Jasner in the background. Apparently T Swift was 12 years old when she sang at the Wells Fargo Center back in the day. Pretty gnarly.

But yes, Ernest says Taylor Swift is coming tonight. Bell ringer? Singer? Is she sitting courtside with Meek Mill? That remains to be seen. If Ernest is wrong, we will hold him accountable in the same way he held former Crossing Broad commenter Helen Gym accountable for going to the Union League. You can’t trust these politicians.

Also, if the Sixers win it all, we are formally inviting Ernest to the championship parade. He can climb a pole and wave a Sixers flag and get the full white privilege experience.