Flyers vs. Devils at MetLife Stadium in 2024, aka the Josh Harris Cup

Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

In a new era of orange, we’re gonna fuck up the Devils at MetLife next year:

It’s the Joshua Harris Cup. Philly vs. everybody. We’re gonna take out Commanders twice and then Ryan Ellis is gonna return from injury to bang in a couple of goals against the Devils at MetLife. Get Flyered up.

In all seriousness though, the outdoor games are great. Fantastic experience unless you’re in the nosebleeds and it’s 10 degrees out. But other than that, we typically get memorable moments, like Travis Konecny calling Evgeni Malkin a fucking nerd.

Flyers vs. Devils used to mean something, but there was a long stretch where the Devils were butt, then the Flyers were butt, so we need both teams to be good now to rekindle that rivalry. As long as the Flyers don’t get embarrassed up there, this will be a W.