This is currently the viral thing going around on Twitter. Yes, it’s a slow sports week:

Most of the replies are calling this guy a snob and/or telling him to mind his own business.

Putting that aside for a minute and looking at the photo in a vacuum, that front yard is indeed fugazi. You’ve got a pile of rubbish in the driveway, which includes what appears to be an old basketball hoop and backboard. Then, on the left side, a bunch of weeds and some overgrown grass in a small plot that looks unkempt.

Not a crazy fix though. All you really have to do is get rid of the trash pile, spend 15 minutes with the weedwacker, and trim some of the bushes. You can have the overgrown/pollinator routine going while still doing the requisite upkeep. It’s not a complicated job and the maintenance of pulling weeds or mowing/trimming for a plot that small is next to nothing. The trees provide shade and help the HVAC bill. You could throw some grass seed down in May or September and fill in some of those patchy spots. Nothing here requires any kind of professional landscaper.

Sometimes you’ve got an elderly neighbor or someone with a physical challenge who needs help with their yard, but in a later tweet, Huber says the homeowner is “50 years old and healthy.” Not sure they approve of their house being plastered all over the internet, but here we are, with the photo nearing 17 million views and 7,000 quote tweets, as of publication.

There’s probably a middle ground here, somewhere between “fuck off this is my property” and keeping your place from looking like a neighborhood blight. When you’ve got trees growing out of shrubs and weeds that are taller than flowers, you’re just putting an eyesore out there for everyone else to see. But going on Twitter and filing a complaint seems like a corny non-solution, especially when you have a track record of tweeting stuff like this: