Perhaps the biggest shock in 2023 Philadelphia sports, Howard Eskin went on WIP Wednesday morning and said that he does indeed know who Trent Crimm is:

“This is not a laughing matter.”


Howard Eskin talking about the sanctity of the all-important “news conference” is comical. This is the same guy who asked Gabe Kapler about coconut oil masturbation at his Phillies introduction. Same guy who was called out for “grandstanding” by Anthony Gargano during this same exact press conference just two years ago.

Morey’s Wednesday availability was unimpressive, but if you were surprised by that, then let me tell you about the ocean-front property I have for sale in Quakertown. We’ve only got ourselves to blame if we continue to think in 2023 that we’re going to get some sort of unfiltered honesty in these settings. Morey is going to do what he does. He’s going to keep team affairs in house. He’s going to play it close to the vest. He’s going to dodge questions both legitimate and flimsy. It’s been like this since the dawn of creation.

DeCamara stumbles into the key point here when he says “it’s a different standard.” The reason it’s a different standard is because a younger generation of fans doesn’t give a shit about “tough questions,” nor do they hang on vapid non-answers in a press conference. It’s just not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

Saying the right thing helps Daryl Morey, but doing the right thing is what actually matters, like bringing in some dudes who aren’t gonna fucking fold in a game seven.

Figure it out, Daryl.

h/t Mark Cole for the pull