Tony Bruno was suspended from Twitter more than two months ago for unexplained reasons.

After radio silence from the folks in charge, Miss Robin posted an update over the holiday weekend:

The first letter there is from Twitter, confirming that they received a request for account reinstatement. The second letter is Bruno explaining what happened, noting that his account was permanently suspended without warning for no particular reason.

In response, Twitter responded with this:

“Your account was suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service. After reviewing for reinstatement your account will not be restored.”

That very vague! So we reached out to Tony and he said this:

“I was told I was suspended for “violent speech,” yet no example given. I scoured my timeline to see what, of mine, could be considered violent and found nothing I personally tweeted. I am a journalist, a media personality and I use sarcasm and humor to report current events, news and opinions. I use Twitter as my main communication with fans.

There are those who don’t appreciate my sense of humor and clearly reported me falsely to hurt my brand. It is a complete outrage that something like this is allowed to happen.

Prior to Elon (Musk) taking over Twitter, I was suspended, throttled and shadow banned for years and truly believed that this kind of persecution towards non mainstream media would not be allowed any more. Clearly nothing has changed.”

If you look at Bruno’s account, @TonyBrunoShow, you just get an “account suspended” notice, so it’s impossible to go back through the timeline and determine what violated Twitter’s terms of service. It’s true that Tony posted and retweeted a lot of conservative political stuff over the past year or two, but there’s no indication that the suspension has anything to do with that. There’s no indication of anything at all.

The only thing we’ve got here is a Twitter non-response, so we can’t even make a judgment call on whether or not the decision was fair. The lack of detail is fugazi. It’s an outrage!