Jason Kelce banged the drum at the Union game on Wednesday night, then chugged a beer.

Apparently he hit the thing so hard that he bent the mallet:


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Sweet. He did it while wearing white New Balance dad shoes as well. A combination of dad strength and Pro Bowl/Super Bowl-winning center strength. It’s all about leverage and torque, which you can apply to the double cheek push or swinging a huge mallet at a huge drum.

The Union performance on the field was just as good as Kelce’s on the drum. A 1-0 win against Charlotte, a clean sheet, and now eight league games unbeaten for the U, who climbed to third place in the east. They’re starting to figure it out again after exiting the Champions League. They keep winning and they’re right back in the Supporter’s Shield race. They’re everything that the Phillies are not at the current moment.