Kevin Harlan on the call:

“…difference of two seconds, game clock and shot clock. Harden… sizing up Horford, it’s a three…. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Harden’s got 45! Time out Boston!”

I could listen to Kevin Harlan call anything. Basketball, darts, bowling, jai alai, quidditch, even pickleball. The dude just has “it,” which in this case is the ability to make you feel invested in whatever you’re watching. He is currently the best play-by-play broadcaster in sports and it is not particularly close. If Doc Emrick was still active, I’d put him in a first-place tie with Harlan, but since Emrick retired, Harlan is #1. He’s got everything. The voice. The knowledge. Doesn’t butcher names or make mistakes. Carries Reggie Miller. Puts the time and effort into it, unlike some of these other guys who started phoning it in years ago (cough Al Michaels cough cough).