Lane Johnson was Every Eagles Fan During Super Bowl 52

underdogs Lane Johnson
via Twitter (Lane Johnson)

Slow news day,* so we’ll do this one:

And then Brandon Graham popped up with the strip sack, and the rest is history.

What we needed was for Lane Johnson to say the same thing to the defense during Super Bowl 57. Actually, maybe he did and they didn’t deliver. If Jonathan Gannon’s unit had made just one play that entire game, we’re probably talking about our second ring in five years.

Here’s the full list of plays made by the Eagles defense in Super Bowls 52 and 57, combined:

  • Malcolm Jenkins hit on Brandin Cooks to knock him out of the game
  • Rodney McLeod powerslam tackle
  • Brandon Graham strip sack

That’s it. Three plays in two Super Bowls. Otherwise, the Eagles’ defenses gave up 71 points and hundreds of yards. They got smoked.

*no we’re not gonna mention Aaron Nola’s Thursday effort. it’s the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend