Tom Bogert at The Athletic:

The Medford native and Philadelphia Union alumnus didn’t have a great season in the Premier League after a 30 million dollar transfer. He started well enough under Jesse Marsch, getting high up the field and pressuring defenders, jarring the ball loose, and carving out half chances like he did for the Union and for Salzburg. Then his effectiveness waned, Leeds slumped, Marsch was fired, and he more or less rode the bench en route to a 19th-place finish and relegation back to the Championship, which is England’s second division.

Aaronson had a tough time with the physicality of the Premier League. He didn’t get a lot of whistles and was bodied off the ball frequently. Then, when Marsch was canned, the system changed and he was much less effective outside of Jesse’s chaotic counter-pressing setup. The Leeds fans loved his effort and work rate in the early going, then turned on him pretty hardcore by the end.

It would be one thing for Brenden to stick around and play in the Championship and figure it out, but Marsh is gone, American teammate Weston McKennie is gone, and the other American teammate, Tyler Adams, might be gone as well. What’s the point of staying then other than to prove something to Leeds fans and to yourself? England’s 2nd division is no joke either. It’s fast and physical and Brenden probably just isn’t suited to the style. I’d honestly love to see him go to Germany, maybe even link up with his brother at Frankfurt or settle in at a mid-table club like Hoffenheim or Wolfsburg. The Bundesliga was probably the next natural step coming from Salzburg anyway.

Aaronson is 22 and is still young, so no worries. Just had a tough year in the Premier League on a crap team. He certainly didn’t help the cause, but that Leeds defense was atrocious and Patrick Bamford could only finish jack and shit in front of the net.