Holy shit the Sixers got Nick Nurse:

The best coach available actually wants to coach the Sixers. That’s wild. He chose the Sixers over one of the best players in the world and a loaded Suns roster. I can’t believe this. This is all I needed to get back in on the Sixers. I don’t even remember what happened in Game 7. Sure Daryl Morey is just hiring another guy he has a history with, but at least this one still has something left in the tank.

Nurse is a candidate every Sixers fan can get behind. He’ll challenge Joel Embiid, he’ll make mid-game adjustments, and he LOVES defense. Sometimes he’s reprimanded for playing his stars 45 minutes a game and wearing them out, but he’s analytical and knows Joel Embiid’s knees cant sustain that workload. Who cares honestly. We have five months to go over Nurse and his scheme. Just go grab another beer and get back in the pool because we got the best coaching candidate available. The Process is back on.

Here is more from Woj on ESPN.com:

Nurse’s desire to coach MVP Joel Embiid and his history with Sixers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey played a significant part in his decision to commit to a deal with Philadelphia, sources said. Nurse separated himself in the interview process, selling a vision for the Sixers centered on Embiid.

He’ll now be part of a Sixers organization working to re-sign James Harden, who is expected to become a free agent this summer.

Love it. Gotta know what Nurse’s vision for Embiid. It’s so nuts no other candidate could imagine it. Full time point guard? Blades for legs? Need Howard Eskin to get it out og him in the intro presser. Also, what is this “working to re-sign James Harden” mumbo jumbo Woj tried to sneak in there at the end? That ship has sailed. We’re finally having a good Sixers day and he’s trying to ruin it. Knock that other shit off.

P.S. Watch your back Nick Sirianni and Bryce Harper: