Former WIP boss man Tom Bigby had it right. Callers should be restricted to one call per week, then once on the weekend.

Unfortunately, Bigby would be rolling in his grave if he heard what we heard on WIP Monday. Andy from Deptford called the station twice in the span of six hours, and got on the radio both times.

First, he called the morning show around 7:30 –

Then, he called the midday show around 1:15 –

“Yo we live, we hot, how’s everybody in the radio world?”  

Not only does he call the morning show AND the midday show, but he opens with the same line both times. That’s obviously a violation. And I’m sure that if we keep listening, he will call the afternoon show and complete the trifecta, getting on every major day part show in the span of 10 hours.

This is just further proof that Bigby was right. Nobody needs to hear Andy from Deptford multiple times per day. We shouldn’t even be hearing from him multiple times per week. It’s bad enough that people like Chuck from Mount Airy get their regular slot every day, but now they’re branching out to other shows like grotesque and uncontrollable sports talk kudzu. Get out the machete.

94 WIP must limit Andy from Deptford’s phone calls. This is the way.

h/t Steve for the heads up