Pat Croce was on Marc Zumoff’s still-relatively-new Fresh 24 Youtube show/podcast. Great series with great guests so far.

Croce has told this story several times before, but it’s a great one and worth listening to if you haven’t heard it. It’s the story of how he mended fences between Allen Iverson and Larry Brown:

Gotta love Croce’s beard by the way. He looks like a mix between a kung-fu master and two-thirds of ZZ Top (RIP Dusty Hill). He’d be equally comfortable at a biker bar or Bikram yoga class. And he’s got such a calm and enlightened approach to everything. I could sit here and listen to him talk all day long. He’s like the anti-Philly. I find myself at peace when he speaks.

Sixers win a close one tonight to go up 2-1 on Boston. You heard it here first.