Matt Strahm took exception to baseball podcaster Jared Carrabis’ video below about being blocked by big leaguer and Strahm’s former teammate, Kaleb Ort:

Some back and forth ensued. Carrabis countered with a good shot about how he’s a minor leaguer now since Ort was sent down three weeks ago. Strahm, protecting his former teammate, stuck up for him and argued the minute you get to the show you’re a big leaguer for life:

Listen getting to the show or the NBA or the NFL or even the MLS is insane. There are a limited amount of spots for tens of thousands of players. The 12th man on the end of the bench in the NBA was probably all-state in high school and the leading scorer on his college team. Dwayne Dedmon could give any Sixers fan reading this a light 50 today. So that’s where I agree with Strahm for the most part. It’s a hell of an achievement to get to the MLB whether you were there for a cup of coffee or make it to the Hall of Fame.

On the other hand Kaleb Ort, so far, sucks at his job. I think it’s fair for fans to say certain players suck. You can say it about CEOs and politicians. A lot of them do suck and there are fewer jobs in that space than there are in the MLB. When you’re in a specialized field with the best of the best and you suck then you suck. It’s no different than if you were looking for a doctor. Some are better than others. Matt Strahm can’t just come out and say no doctor sucks at doctoring end of story because he has a PhD. There are plenty of sucky doctors. If I told Tyrod Taylor I think the doctor that stabbed his lung sucks he’d probably agree with me. Doctors can’t have bad days and relief pitchers can only have so many before they’re sent packing.

Final ruling: Kaleb Ort doesn’t suck to you and I, but he sucks when it comes to baseball. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

P.S. As Strahm should know everyone has opinions right or wrong. This one is wrong: