Here’s a report from Ramona Shelburne, who is typically pretty accurate with Sixers stuff:

This is tricky. In an ideal world, Harden, Doc, and Tobias Harris all hit the road. Harden has a player option, Harris is entering the final year of his $180 million contract, and Doc still has two more years.

Certainly firing Doc and eating his salary is the easiest first step. Harden’s decision is out of your hands, unless you make the requisite moves to steer him in a specific direction. The hardest part is finding someone, anyone to eat the $39 million Harris is owed this year. That will presumably be less difficult on the final year of the deal, but that’s still a ton of money. Even this year, at $37 million, he was the 15th-highest paid player in the NBA, right up there with Jimmy Butler and Anthony Davis.