Don’t know how Jayson Tatum can extend his entire arm and it not be an offensive foul, but the L2M Report from the NBA decided the refs made the correct non-call:

You be the judge:

If that was Marcus Smart getting shoved like that, he’d be in the third row.

According to the L2M report:

“Tatum (BOS) and Maxey (PHI) come together and Tatum goes to, not through, Maxey’s space as he releases away from the contact at the start of the drive.”

Fine, if that’s the determination, then isn’t this play from Game 3 similar? You can’t say Joel Embiid went through Smart here while also realizing they came together the exact same way:

I think the L2M reports are the biggest crocks of shit. At the end of the day, it’s the NBA looking at calls made by their employees. If you really wanted fans to believe they’re done in good faith, the NBA would hire an independent council to handle these. Like if I was in roofing and just put in a new roof on someone’s house and a month later it caved in, and my company came out to assess the damages, don’t you think they’d blame it on the builders and the framework of the house? There’s no chance they’re not passing the buck and risk getting sued to oblivion. The NBA is covering its own ass. They’re the same people who continue to employ Scott Foster even after Tim Donaghy made over 100 calls to him while he was betting on games.