Frank Vogel is on a short list to become the next Sixers coach, according to Woj, and there’s a rumor coming from Barstool’s Rone that Vogel took a plane to Philly on Monday:

If this rumor is true, it’s a masterclass of gaming the system by Vogel. Never do something for free. The Wildwood Crest native is already going to be spending his weekend drinking Twea Lights and listening to the Juliano Brothers tear down Keenan’s. You might as well get across the country on the 76ers’ dime. I honestly might move him up my coaching ladder now based off this move alone. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing a little bit of clout. If you’re good at something, don’t ever do it for free. Have the Sixers pay for your flight and then park your ass at the Seaport Pier where fans will buy you drinks all night just so they can tell Joe DeCamara how they bought the next coach a beer. You think FOX 29’s Bob Kelly does a happy hour there every Friday because he likes playing the classics? No he’s been pulling this exact grift for years!

The Sixers front office having to actually work during the one week everyone does the bare minimum is payback for making us watch them give up in Game 7.