Scott Rolen will headline the Phillies Wall of Fame induction ceremony this season:


Now, you can boo this move and still acknowledge he deserves to be on the Wall of Fame. Especially when the qualifications for the honor have become a joke in the last couple of decades. During his time here, Rolen was a 4x Gold Glover, 1x All-Star, and had more hits than Darren Daulton and Pete Rose in a Phillies jersey. He’s top-20 in the franchise in WAR as a position player and won the Rookie of the Year. He left on bad terms and Larry Bowa definitely shouldn’t be exonerated from that mess, but I’d argue that’s died down for the most part due to the Phils winning a World Series two years after Rolen won his with the Cardinals.

My prediction for the event: an initial mixture of more boos then cheers with the cheers winning out in the end. Right now I want to buy a ticket just so I can boo with the masses that weekend, but I know when you get in the stadium on Wall of Fame Night and you see all the great players from years past and get caught up in the speeches the good memories typically win out over the bad ones.

Unless Rolen’s statement was a subtle jab at us. Then fuck him:

“I am humbled and honored to join so many great Phillies on the team’s Wall of Fame,” Rolen said. “My years in Philadelphia, I wouldn’t trade for anything. It taught me how to play the game, how to hustle and play hard. I’m grateful to Philadelphia and the Phillies for the important role they played in my career.”

Had to mention a trade in the second sentence, ey there, Scott? Twist the knife some more guy.