James Harden went absolutely nuclear!

If you told me Harden would go for 45 points on 30 shots I’d think we lost by 30. But holy shit was this a turn back the clock game for him. Where’s that fraud Nick Friedell at ESPN who just openly mocked him five hours ago? Show your face coward! Bow to the king!

Nobody in Philadelphia thought Paul fucking Reed would go 4/4 from the line down the stretch. De’Anthony Melton and Tyrese Maxey were an awesome first half/second half punch. I can’t remember the last time a Sixers team has made me feel the feels I’m feeling. I’ve never tried heroin, but the feeling this tweet gives me a good feeling:

Listen I’ve been on record saying to keep this Sixers team at an arms length all season because they didn’t deserve our buy-in, but after that win there is no reason not to be all in! This team is different. They’re better than that Jimmy Butler team from five years ago. Tons more depth and multiple scorers to complement Joel Embiid. This Boston team is also different. You saw it after the Hawks win in Game 5. They have some cracks in the armor.

Kevin and I will break it down on Crossing Broadcast tomorrow. What a win! The JawNCOs worked!

P.S. Do you rest Embiid knowing you did your job and already go the split in Boston? I wouldn’t be shocked if he sat because the shorthanded Sixers are basically the 72-10 Bulls.