You might have seen Taco Bell’s new ad campaign where LeBron James is unable to say the words “Taco Tuesday”:

The reason he can’t say it is because Somers Point restaurant legend, Gregory Gregory, trademarked it back in the 70s via Scott Cronick at

Taco Bell recently filed a request with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to release the trademark for “Taco Tuesday,” already owned by the 199-seat Gregory’s in New Jersey and Taco John’s restaurant chain in the other 49 states.

Taco Bell’s filing states that “Taco Tuesday” has become such a popular term that no business should have exclusive rights.

“Taco Bell believes ‘Taco Tuesday’ is critical to everyone’s Tuesday,” the filing reads. “To deprive anyone of saying ‘Taco Tuesday’ — be it Taco Bell or anyone who provides tacos to the world — is like depriving the world of sunshine itself.”
Gregory, known for his witty one-liners and utter lack of shyness, is calling bull.
“It seems unfair to me Taco Bell can have a trademark for the sound of the bell on their commercials, but they don’t want us to keep our trademark for ‘Taco Tuesday,’” Gregory said. “Everyone rings a bell.”

Got they ass! I love this guy. Throw it right back in Taco Bell and LeBron’s stupid ass face! They’re so butt hurt Taco Bell actually started a petition! I’m not linking to it because I’m standing with my guy, Gregory. He got it fair and square. You want the trademark Taco Bell and LeBron? Break off some of that sweet Chalupa money. I mean LeBron has trademarks for King James and Chosen1. What about the King James Bible, LeBron? Do you hate Jesus? The actual Chosen1. Makes you think.

If you’re heading down to Ocean City this weekend stop in at Gregory’s before you hit Circle Liquor and shake this legend’s hand. He’s fighting for the little guy. The best part of all this is he doesn’t even like tacos:

Gregory, who ironically doesn’t like tacos or Mexican food, came up with the idea to trademark “Taco Tuesday” after he added tacos at his Somers Point bar in 1979, the year he and his brother Walt Gregory took over the family business.

“In 1978, I was running a restaurant in the Gallery Shopping Center in Philadelphia, and I knew I was going to need some new ideas when I took over the family business, so I went down to the food court to see what was selling,” he said.

“There was only one place that had a line, and it had one sign over it that said, ‘TACO.’ I was like, ‘What the hell is a taco?’

“So, I took one bite, and I threw it out. I didn’t like it.”

But when Gregory came to Somers Point to operate the business with his family, he still wanted to add tacos, knowing they would be popular. His family rejected the idea to put them on the regular menu, but appeased him by starting Taco Tuesdays — selling three tacos for $1.

It would become iconic and even expand to Thursdays.

Love this place! Keep poking the bear:

Don’t give up the trademark until LeBron forces a trade to the Sixers.