According to John Keim at ESPN, the Commies reached out to Andrew Luck last year to gain his interest in playing again before they ended up trading for Carson Wentz:

Even so, they didn’t feel the same urgency they did last offseason, when they called every team that might have a quarterback available. They even phoned about retired Andrew Luck, just in case. They ultimately traded two third-round picks to Indianapolis for Carson Wentz and his $28 million cap hit. Then, they cut Wentz at season’s end after injuries and inconsistent play contributed to him finishing 30th in QBR after just eight starts. 

Obviously Luck said no, but the Commies might end up giving more to Indy if they actually broke tampering rules:

NFL Reporter Stephen Holder says the Colts might pursue a tampering case against the Commies because they have Luck’s rights if he ever un-retires:

This is such a hilarious move from the Commies you almost have to respect it. The blind confidence you have to have to actually make the call is admirable. On the other hand this is a complete slap in the face to Luck. The least desirable organization in the NFL actually thought they had a shot to pull you out of retirement while trotting out an offensive line that was in the bottom third of the league. That would be like your dad retiring from his banking job and the ice cream place where he worked at as a kid called to see if he wanted to pick up some shifts this summer.

Even better is this article from Keim was about the Commies being “all in” on Sam Howell. In it, it mentions that the team would’ve drafted Hendon Hooker if he was still there in the third round this year. Nothing like being all in and letting someone in the front office let that slip. It also says Howell was projected by some of their scouts as a second rounder or late first round pick that they would’ve targeted on the second day if they didn’t already trade for Wentz. Nobody touched Howell until the fifth round!  The Commies are definitely going to miss the playoffs again, Ron Rivera will be fired, and Howell will be buried on the bench because he’s not the next regime’s “guy”. Man I’m going to miss Dan Snyder so much.