The Eagles are playing the Giants at 4:30 p.m. on Christmas:

Perfect time. The NFL owes us one after putting Cowboys/Eagles on Christmas Eve last year. Having the best rivalry in football right in the middle of mass or dinner with your family was stupid. I didn’t talk to anyone last year. Watching football during a family holiday is the worst. Half the people don’t give a shit about the outcome, there are kids and dogs running around everywhere while you’re trying to focus, and there is always the funny guy who knows nothing about sports making a bunch of lame-ass jokes that you give a half smile to because it’s the holidays and you’re not trying to be a Grinch. I opened up my present to a set of knives after the game which was the perfect gift after Miles Sanders fumbled at the end.

Christmas though is different. The 4:30 start is amazing! You’ll be done opening presents and done brunch and whatever you do on Christmas (no one should do anything on Christmas IMO) and have enough time to get to a couch and prepare for the game. Plus all that money you spent on your ungrateful kids and significant others can now be won back with a Boston Scott ATD. It’s a Christmas Miracle!

Last time the Eagles played on Christmas, they won the Super Bowl. It was the worst game of all time, but they won the Super Bowl. One of the worst gambling beats I can remember. Eagles were 10 point favorites against the Raiders and Derek Barnett took a fumble on a last second pitch play to the house to go up 19-10. You’re looking at a push, but a push is better than a loss:

What do the Eagles do? They kneel on the extra point and the game is over:

via SBNation

What a bunch of Scrooges.

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