The Mets and Phils are in the middle of a mid-off, but at least our big new beautiful scoreboard isn’t showing the logo of the opposing team. Our scoreboard might show stats nobody at the ballpark understands, but at least its not the Braves logo right before Ronald Acuna Jr. takes us yard.

This is why I love the Mets. We can always count on them to make us feel better about ourselves. They’re like that one friend who hasn’t quite figured it out all out yet. Yea, you might be sitting in the cube doing a job you absolutely hate, but your buddy Eric still lives with his parents at 30 and drives Uber. Now life doesn’t seem that bad, right? That’s the Mets!

I mean, look at everything that’s already happened this early. The giant Phillies-colored patch was hilarious:

Max Scherzer is a cheater:

What’s our biggest problem? We can’t hit with RISP? Dollar Dog Night lines are too long? Child’s play compared to the embarrassment the Mets have brought their fans. They don’t just lose, they lose in humiliating fashion. It might be hard to laugh right now since the Phillies needed a balk to account for 33% of their runs last night, but here’s a nice morning palette cleanser for you. I, for one, don’t even remember what happened last night in San Francisco!