The Philadelphia Zoo has two new sloth bear cubs that they need you to name:

The decisions are between Harper and Kelce or Hall and Oates. Lets be honest, this is going to be Harper and Kelce in a landslide. No disrespect to Hall and Oates – us Temple guys have to stick together – but come on, two 80s rock stars can’t compete with two of the biggest sports stars in the city right now. Even if Jason Kelce is throwing his support behind Hall & Oates:

The dude is an actual bear:

via BearMythology on Tumblr

Plus sloth bears are the deadliest bears in the world. That’s why they should be named after some killers like Kelce and Harper:


The only thing Hall and Oates has executed is a catalogue of the sexiest love ballads Earth has ever seen and that’s a good runner up prize: