Remember way back in the day, in 2016, when the Sixers were fresh off a 10-72 season before Joel Embiid turned into MVP? The Sixers and Kings game was postponed because of the Flyers’ ice under the floor. We had Keith Pompey in the belly of the beast:

It was one of the most memorable moments from The Process and gave us an all time meme:

Keith shared a laugh with us and provided a look behind the scenes, which included expanded details about the Kings drinking in the locker room:

Could you imagine if the NBA actually made them play this game? DeMarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes a couple of Henny shots deep would’ve played like the Knicks when the Monstars took their powers in Space Jam. Nobody was more excited then them that night:

Here’s the full episode. Give it a listen as you’re heading down the shore today. Keith gave us amazing insight into the 76ers coaching search, James Harden’s partying, and more: