Not even 24 hours after a deflating Game 7 loss, we have James Harden’s camp leaking reports to Woj. Love it. The guy had more turnovers than made field goals and this is the only thing on his mind:

I don’t care where James Harden goes next year as long as he’s not wearing “PHILA” across his chest. But if you’re the Rockets, what is the point of bringing him back? Especially if they get Victor Wembanyama. I would never surround my generational talent with a generational loser. If you’re Harden, on the other hand, Houston is a no brainer. Go get the max and party in your favorite strip clubs while not having the burden of championship expectations on your shoulders for the rest of your career.

What a fraud Harden is though. All year we had to listen about his sacrifices for the team. How he sacrificed money so the Sixers could sign Danuel House and P.J. Tucker or how he sacrificed his vacation time to get back in the gym before he normally would. It’s like that Chris Rock joke about taking care of his kids.

You’re supposed to do that you dumb motherfucker:


This guy made over $300 million in his career and cried poor all season while pocketing $33 million. And we still have nothing to show for it. He wants to go to some place he’d rather not have to sacrifice and you know what? I can’t blame him. Being uncomfortable is for the birds. Any of us would sign a max deal to only have to do 70% of the work. He’s like a CEO on the brink of retirement. Working from his vacation homes all year, playing golf, and just making sure the stock price stays level so you can cash out those shares in a couple years.

He doesn’t care. This was a 13-month pit stop in his career. He’s at the end of the road and just wants to cash in one last time. The only ones who suffer at the end of the day are the fans.