I was at the King of Prussia Mall food court last week and they’ve got a corn dog place in there now called “Kong Dog.” I threw the picture up on Twitter and readers noticed a fantastic image on the wall:

Holy shit! That’s someone’s daughter, Kong Dog. Feels like they’re doing this woman dirty, but there’s a TikTok graphic on the bottom right there, so it looks like she sampled a corn dog and ended up on a poster (?) in an unflattering position. Admittedly, I wasn’t paying too much attention, but I don’t think this was a video screen. I think it was a still photo. Either way, that’s a beautiful freeze frame.

Apparently Kong Dog is a Korean joint. You customize the corn dog with a number of choices, like a sweet potato or churro crust, and pick among the following fillers:

  • whole beef sausage
  • mozzarella
  • half beef/half mozz
  • chicken sausage
  • plant based

Then they’ve got bubble tea and matcha and all of that.

Good reviews for the KOP Kong Dog, too. 4.6 out of five stars on Google, this via DJ:

“Must try! I order 5 different dogs and all were delicious. Since I was able to order 50:50 dog:cheese, I totally recommend that option as a first try. However I got the rainbow dog all Mozz and that was amazing. Bring friends, try all the dogs, I will be returning. Oh and service … super fast. You can order from a cashier or from a kiosk.”

We will have to try a Kong Dog. If you’re at the KOP food court go check this place out and tell me if that’s a still photo (like a poster) or if it’s a screen showing social media videos.