The NHL Draft Lottery is Monday night at 8 p.m., meaning we will finally learn which team successfully tanked hard for Connor Bedard.

Your team, your town, your Philadelphia Flyers are in the mix, but at a 6.5% chance, the odds of getting Bedard are not very good. Here’s the final order via Tankathon:

No team has ever moved up from 7th to 1st in the history of the lottery.

The best luck the Flyers had in the draft lottery was back in 2017, when they entered with a 2.2% chance to grab the top seed. They ended up moving from 13th to 2nd overall, then drafted Nolan Patrick, so go figure that when they had fantastic fortune that offseason, they ended up taking the only guy in the top-5 who did not become an All Star. They could have thrown a dart while blindfolded and ended up with Cale Makar, Nico Hischier, Miro Heiskanen, or Elias Pettersson, and instead ended up with the only top-five bust instead.

The Flyers went into last year’s draft, 2022, with a 9.5% chance at the top pick, and ended up dropping a spot, from 4th to 5th. Montreal went in with a 25.5% chance to land at the top and ended up staying there, taking Juraj Slafkovsky while the Flyers snagged Cutter Gauthier at #5. The Flyers also fell back a bit in 2019 and got Cam York.

For what it’s worth, the last time Philly had a 6.5% chance at the top spot, and were seeded 7th in the odds, they ended up staying pat at #7 overall and took Ivan Provorov. That was back in 2015. Same thing with Sam Morin in 2011. They historically have not experienced a lot of movement against the odds, up or down, outside of that 2017 outlier.

So fingers crossed that 2017 happens again, because Connor Bedard should be a Flyer. Gary Bettman should rig this lottery to bring us back to relevancy and revive one of the great local NHL markets. You cannot let this kid go to Anaheim, San Jose, or Columbus. In my mind, the only tenable landing spots for Bedard are Philly, Detroit, and Vancouver (his home town). Chicago has won a Cup too recently, so they can fuck off. Same with the Canadiens. They can fuck off with the Caps, Coyotes, and Blues.

Tonight the Flyers will win the draft lottery and then bring Connor Bedard home. We must speak it into existence #Believe