I don’t know how the majority feel about the hot dog throwing in the stands at Citizens Bank Park, but I know it’s a contentious topic on the World Wide Web. Some people hate it (mostly the olds):

Others don’t seem to really care (mostly the youngs). As long as you’re not throwing anything on the field and stopping play, I’m cool with it. People forget from like 2006-2011 the park was a bunch of mongrels doing this same thing on DDN, puking on children, and getting tased on the field before the Phils turned it into a playground and started promoting a family-friendly environment.

Now people believe the Phillies are going to cancel DDN forever because of safety concerns, and if they do, I just hope they remember the only person to ever hurt someone with a hot dog was a Phillies employee. From the videos I’ve seen, these recent incidents are just a bunch of people sharing dogs with others and no one loves sharing dogs with others more than me:


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I honestly didn’t expect people to follow my lead, but I’m glad they did. Sharing is caring after all.

Last night, DDN took on an entire life of it’s own when Phillies fans incorporated the wave into it. It was beautiful! Anything that can possibly make the wave tolerable in 2023 I can get behind:

Every man, woman, and child came together in that moment to throw glizzys! It brought a tear to my eye! We’re on the brink of Civil War and economic collapse and people still rallied with their fellow citizen around a stupid promotion selling discount meat. If that’s not the principle this country was founded on, I don’t know what it is.

So will the Phillies cancel it? I’m going to say no. Don’t freak out that there isn’t another one on the schedule just yet. They typically don’t schedule another until the college kids are back at school. I would recommend trying one in the summer when people are down the shore and college is out to see what the turnout is like and if there is a more subdued environment.

At the end of the day, if DDN makes baseball more fun for people, who are the Phillies to stop them? Why did you start the promotion in the first place? To pack the stadium during the week when the Phillies sucked. Sorry that they’re (allegedly) good now and people want to see them. Are a couple airborne glizzys really ruining people’s game experience? Let fans have fun and get creative. Like this guy who made a giant glizzy tinfoil dick:

Hang it in the Art Museum.