Yankees Fans Celebrate Big Win by Pummeling Each Other

via @jakebrownradio on Twitter

Big walkoff win for the Yanks and then this happened:

There’s a lot to digest here so let’s break it down:

  1. Great position for #48 (Rizzo guy), who looks like he’s got #13 Alex Rodriguez’s back. He should have sunk in the rear naked choke when he had the chance.
  2. Rodriguez reverses position and enters guard, then proceeds to try to throw some heavy ground and pound.
  3. The woman in her own #48 jersey (female Rizzo) looks like she’s helping to break up the fight, but then she throws a punch at the guy in the dark tee shirt.
  4. Rodriguez gets back to his feet and then female Rizzo tries to throw a sneak attack jumping right hand on tee shirt guy.
  5. Male Rizzo puts his shirt back on.
  6. Tee shirt guy tries to defuse the situation, then female Rizzo swings a jacket at him.
  7. someone yells “party fucking pooper”
  8. end scene

Good video, bad behavior though. You’d never see this in Philadelphia, probably because Phils fans are too dejected right now to fight.